Our standard set-top boxes give you access to the world of UK and Sky TV.


S.O.S UKTV Chris Whitman has lived in the Algarve for nearly 15 years.
From day one, due to his own experience as well as those of friends and family, he noticed the need for reliable UK TV solutions. These solutions are provided via the internet. All equipment is of the highest quality and installed by qualified technicians on time, and at reasonable prices. So S.O.S UKTV was born to satisfy demand.


OUR reputation

S.O.S UKTV is now solidly established as the algarve's first choice of UK TV companies, supplying only the highest quality materials, installed by fully qualified technicians.

OUR service

OUR HIGH standard of service has placed the company in high demand by corporate, commercial and private entities throughout the Algarve and beyond.